A few Tears, A booked Flight, and A special Opportunity


A Few Tears

Between moving out of my apartment, adjusting to a temporary living arrangement, working every single day, and trying to spend as much time as I can with everyone, the past few weeks have been a bit overwhelming. Everything finally started to build up inside, and well I couldn’t help the breakdown last night.

Money is always an issue, but lately it feels like I can’t catch up.  Spending time with friends and family has been really special making it hard to say goodbye. Especially building new relationships here makes me question where they have been the past three years. Also I met a special friend who made me realize that just maybe one day what I thought would never be possible for me might be a possibility. Through all of that, I had a moment of panic if choosing to return is worth it.

The Plan: Booked Flights 

Molly, my dear friend and current roommate, decided several months ago that she was going to spend some time in Europe, and what better time to go than with me? Before we leave for England, we will drive to  Molly’s home in Minnesota to spend a week. Our other friends Alyssa and Rachel will join us for a much needed girls trip. I absolutely can’t wait to explore and learn about Molly’s home. 

Purposely we have been putting off  purchasing tickets. Last night, Molly found $400 plane tickets out of Minneapolis to Manchester. We leave Monday, August 28th. Neither of us had plan to purchase them last night, and the  rush from it was incredible. It’s finally happening. We’re going to England is all we could conclude. That moment taught us what it means in life to stop thinking, talking, and planning on what you are going to do. At some point, just do it already.

A Special Opportunity 

It didn’t take long to fall asleep after pouring out all my emotions and the excitement of finally booking the flight to England. I woke up tired, but I perked up real fast to an email from Salford reading “Congratulations”.  I have been chosen to be an international student ambassador for The University of Salford. With the title, I have also been awarded a scholarship. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Also, I am so honored to represent The University of Salford. Ever since I have returned from England the first time, I literally haven’t stopped. Every opportunity I have been given to work, I have taken. I have skipped family vacation and cutting breaks short in order to work. I haven’t allowed myself to rest, so these were tears of relief this morning. It was assurance that I am headed in the right direction. It’s a reminder that God truly does give you the desires of your heart, and He will provide a way.

I have been diligently working towards returning to England, and the time is near where everything is starting to come together. Receiving this scholarship and position has given me the extra strength to keep working, and booking this flight was a wake up call that this is happening. I am on the right path, and I needed that moment of weakness in order to remind myself to relax. It’s all going to work out in the end. Lord, continue to lead the way.






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